About us

The consortium EcholoN

The signpost in the solution range for holistic service management.

Affiliated in 1999, the Group is now one of the major service management providers on the German market. We can draw on a wealth of over 20 years of experience in service management.

Today there is the EcholoN consortium with over 100 active EcholoN supporters in three countries as a strong partner for all companies. Through our nationwide network with high flexibility and customer advice from our specialists, we offer a wide range of services for our customers.

Headquarters mIT solutions GmbH

mIT solutions GmbH is an established in 1994, owner-operated system house and a leading manufacturer of holistic service management, which is particularly evident in our business unit EcholoN. Our headquarters are located in Germany, on the north-western outskirts of Hamburg. Sales are made directly as well as through a strategic network of partners at home and abroad. The claim of mIT solutions GmbH "software for satisfied users" is equally scale and corporate philosophy.

What our customers say about us:

"It was essential at the outset to have and experience the feeling of “being understood"... - a partnership on an equal footing." - Hans Jürgen Sieberling - Videor


The centre of attention - the needs of our customers

To meet the growing challenges of service management, EcholoN relies (is based?) on concrete customer requirements for a comprehensive solution. From these requirements defined by the market itself, we have developed EcholoN to offer you the right tool for solid, efficient and successful service management. Our claim "software for satisfied users" is equally scale and our stated goal: a satisfied customer. With the EcholoN product range we offer all the software systems that you need to make it more efficient for your support – first hand.

Trained, competent and motivated information engineers, industrial management, communication electronics, software engineers and computer scientist are both contact and clerk for your individual requests - we deliver your individual standard-software-custom-made-suit.

What to expect from us:

  • Demand and Requirements Analysis
  • Consulting and development
  • Specifications
  • Installation and Setup
  • trained, competent staff
  • Training / education of your employees in your or our house
  • Local service
  • Service hotline
  • software maintenance

EcholoN is located in a variety of industries. From plant and mechanical engineering, on pharmaceuticals, to shipyard and marina operation, we can draw on an enormous breadth of experience. Look for yourself which companies successfully cooperate with us.