EcholoN Enterprise

The whole framework in the access - the Enterprise Edition of EcholoN accesses all resources of the smaller editions, such as ticketing, helpdesk, service management (IT and non-IT), open application and process design.




EcholoN Enterprise  is used wherever companies want to develop their own standard EcholoN-based applications and want to build on solid and extensive systems. All necessary basic entities are available (users, organizations, contacts, CI, CMDB, etc.). The EcholoN Enterprise Edition enables the free application design based on the EcholoN Enterprise Application Framework.

The EcholoN - Framework

Get an overview:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio development environment
  • EcholoN service management framework with all object definitions
  • Design of Windows applications
  • Design of Web Applications for browser applications
  • Design of mobile applications for tablets and smartphones

Can I also create completely detached applications?

Yes, the EcholoN base objects allow a very fast design of new, even detached applications.

Can I develop (developed) add-ins, modules or application parts, e.g. for EcholoN Express, Standard or Professional?

The EcholoN editions are each backward compatible to the smaller edition. Modules developed with the EcholoN Enterprise Edition can be loaded directly into the application memory of the respective edition.