EcholoN Standard Service Desk

Standardization to measure - the standard edition of EcholoN offers you comprehensive service management and is oriented on working methods, based on standard processes. This edition is used in internal and external customer service and user support. The focus of EcholoN Standard is a simple process-oriented working method.




EcholoN standard may be of use in all industry segments for external and internal customer and user support. The focus on simple process-oriented working methods enables efficient as standardized service management.

Service Management

Service desk with defined processes and request fulfilment

  • Easy implementation of standardized business processes
  • Loading process templates such as ITIL V3, ISOxxxxx, etc. possible

Get an overview

  • Standard application roles (incident management, change management, etc.) via worklists
  • Cockpit per application role
  • Business process templates e.g. possible according to application role
  • Analysis and statistics in the cockpits (dashboard)
  • Free construction of standard workflows with templates ("New Employee", "Securing SAP MM", etc.)
  • Direct initiate workflows in the process detection (incident, change, etc.) Deposit of server and client workflow possible (Microsoft Workflow Foundation: WF)
  • Any process relations (Master Slave; Parent Child, etc.) for e.g. Incident Problem Change
  • Management of any organizational structures (clients) with all relevant information (departments, locations, cost centres, etc.)
  • CMDB (Configuration Management Database) with the interrelating to subordinate CIs (configuration items)
  • Templates for configuration items, CMDB relationship diagram, further module expansion e.g. for employee scheduling (planning table), Exchange / Outlook connector or Lotus Notes Domino connector, SAP connector, SNMP connector, ticket connector (gateway) possible
  • Other optional processes for asset management, complaint management, configuration management, change management, event management, incident management, knowledge management, problem management, release management, Request Fulfillment, Service Asset and Configuration Management, Service Catalog Management, Service Portfolio Management, Service level management are possible

Which workflow engine is used in EcholoN?

EcholoN uses a self-developed workflow engine.

Can EcholoN also be used without defined processes?

EcholoN not only focuses on process-oriented working methods, but also provides defined standard processes. For example, you can easily work according to the standard status sequences.

Can the EcholoN standard processes (e.g. for incident management) be adapted to my needs?

Yes, every process can be individualized. EcholoN is a standard tailored suit.

How is the update capability guaranteed?

EcholoN has special custom sections ("Customs Extensions") that are adequately addressed by an update or upgrade.

Are previous process adjustments taken into account for updates or upgrades?

Adjustments are taken into account or incorporated into the respective edition change.