Service Management Software

EcholoN makes your service professional and effective.


Service Management is very important for customer loyalty. Whether you produce kitchen appliances or machines, trade in products or work in information technology and communications electronics (ITC), every product needs its service.

Service Management starts after the sale of a product (or service) and accompanies it with your customer during its life cycle. The goal is a high product quality and thus to create customer loyalty.

Customers today do not just puchase products, they buy a benefit, such as the solution to a problem. Products alone often do not solve the problems. Experience shows that it depends on the advice, the accompanying and customer services, to stand out from the market entrants.

“The Purpose of Business is to Create and Keep a Customer.” Peter F. Drucker

Service Management with EcholoN


EcholoN centralizes all information as part of your service management. Having all processes under control, you always keep an overview.

Here EcholoN supports you to effectively manage your service activities (e.g. installations, customer support or customer service) and to respond professionally to customer requests.

With EcholoN, you have a solution at your fingertips that frees up your workforce by optimizing workflows (such as improved structures and response times). This results in a focus on first-class customer service.

Operations where EcholoN supports you:

Manage and process service orders

The foundation for an optimal service offer is the precise planning and handling of all service assignments.

EcholoN provides the order management with all required information centrally. Thus, for example, open service orders and service assignments or order times and used material are always at a glance.

The service is supported in the handling and coordination practically and reliably.

Mobile service use

Support the work of your service technicians in the field with the mobile application from EcholoN. Be it order time recording, material consumption or a digital service report. Everything can be done on site and returned to the system. Thus, the time-consuming subsequent recording of paper-based service reports is completely eliminated.

The browser-based online application can be used on any device thanks to the latest technology. Offline as a native app for IOS, Android and Windows operating systems

Equipment and device information accessible by mobile device

EcholoN-managed devices or products are easily and clearly arranged for mobile service processing.

Information such as important documents or reports on the previous service calls can be stored in the device file.

Customer administration made easy

With EcholoN you manage all relevant customer data. Companies, contacts and tasks are created and assigned with one click.