Our training

Training for knowledge building and knowledge consolidation as investment protection



The basis for success

Training is an essential component of success. Only through constant development and expansion of our knowledge, we can still meet the demands of the market tomorrow.


We attach great value to the development of human skills, because the most important factor is and remains the human being. Through our training we provide you and your employees with extensive additional qualifications. In doing so, our trainings build on each other stringently and help you and your employees to efficiently use and further develop your modern service management.

We invite you to create an overview of the course content. Feel free to contact us! Your contact person will be able to answer all your questions about courses and trainings.

The basis for success

Basic training

The basic seminar is the basis for all further training.

First and foremost, the standard of EcholoN is taught here. The training guides you and your employees through theory and practice. Based on case studies, the mediated knowledge is trained and deepened. In order to provide you with the best possible training conditions, we have practical experts who have extensive experience in the implementation of service management.

The training topics in detail:

  • Structure, function and philosophy of EcholoN
  • Setup of the basic parameters
  • Workflows- and processes
  • Application in everyday life
Training target

The training enables the user to set up and parameterize EcholoN. Practical examples convey a feeling for the different support structures and their representation in the EcholoN standard.


Experience in the implementation of software applications

Administrator training

The administrator training serves the in-depth know-how structure with regard to further parameterization and configuration of EcholoN. The construction of workflows and the process design are also topics that are covered here.

In addition to EcholoN, there are a number of applications and systems that work directly or indirectly with EcholoN. The seminar also provides an overview of the application and system coupling via the standard interface EcholoN Data Workflow System.

The training topics in detail:

  • EcholoN Management Console (MMC)
  • Configuration and parameterization
  • Construction of business processes
  • Construction and design of workflows
  • Construction and design of processes
  • Interfaces, system coupling
Training target

Mediation and deeper insight into the EcholoN Framework with workflow and process design.


Good knowledge in the administration of applications and systems. Company structure and organizational understanding are advantageous when building up workflows and processes.

Developer training

With the PlugIn or AddIn concept and the Service Layer of the EcholoN framework the possibility was created to develop individual solutions based on standards. This training enables the efficient use of the required interfaces in order to develop highly customized applications with the EcholoN framework.

The training topics in detail:

  • Basic functions and structure of the EcholoN framework
  • EcholoN plugin / add-in development
  • Create a sample application
Training target

The participant will be able to develop their own plug-ins and modules.

  • Completing the EcholoN administrator training
  • Knowledge of a .NET programming language (e.g., C #)

IT Service Management

IT Service Management describes the transformation of IT towards customer and service orientation. In the ITSM, the focus is above all on the customer. The IT service defines the included service here. The quality, efficiency and profitability of the respective IT organization should be sustainably improved. Successful IT service management is for us to communicate services clearly and deliver the added value to the customer.

This is exactly why we are working in the field of IT service management with internationally established standards, such as the ITIL framework and ISO 20000.

Education / Training and Certification

  • IT KPIs - Determine relevant key figures in the IT organization.
  • CMMI Live - How to determine levels of maturity?
  • Transfer Workshops - Anonymised case examples from other companies in the field.
  • Service Level Agreements - The structure and content of SLAs.
  • ITIL® Live - Theory and practice of ITIL processes.

Organizations - Consulting and Project Management

  • ITSM Assessment - Which maturity are your IT processes?
  • Service Offering Analyse - How to assess the quality of your IT services?
  • SLA Entwicklung - Development and introduction of service level agreements.
  • ITIL - Etablierung - Implementation of ITIL processes, such as Incident, change, etc.