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Service Level Management with EcholoN

Define, monitor and optimise IT services with efficient Service Level Management (SLM)

In the area of IT services, too, the type and scope of all services must be defined in advance and controlled during ongoing business. In addition, it is important from an economic point of view to continuously optimise IT services and to regularly check whether the defined goals have been achieved and where readjustments to the process may be necessary. EcholoN significantly simplifies service level management and supports you in achieving the agreed service level goals.

"If you set the right goals, you can only win." Marc M. Galal


Service Level Management - ITSM | Beispiele - Vorteile SLM - SLA

Being able to guarantee service orientation and quality

To ensure a high level of service orientation and quality, companies should establish a Service Level Management (SLM). The Service Level Requirement (SLR) defines the requirements that are to be mapped in the SLM. The SLM covers the creation, monitoring and optimisation of services and supports you in aligning your products in the best possible way with the requirements of internal and external customers, partners and suppliers. After defining the services, individual service level agreements (SLA) are concluded with each customer to achieve the respective service level targets.

In order to achieve the goals agreed in the SLA, numerous internal co-ordinations - e.g. between Field Service, Service Management / Helpdesk - are usually necessary. These are agreed in the form of Operation Level Agreements (OLA) and considered in the context of service level management, as are contracts and agreements with external service providers and suppliers (underpinning contracts, UC).

EcholoN enables efficient service level management through the integrated knowledge base, which is linked to the service management. The information that can be accessed there can be combined with the data in the Configuration Management Data Base (CMDB), in which all devices, components, systems and all parts masters and parts lists can be stored. The central information resource, which grows with the user, offers fast and efficient access to all stored data records and thus supports service staff in the office and in the field as well as management in defining and adapting services.

Whether field service or service desk: From the point of view of an (external) customer, every service employee is a representative of the company. This makes it all the more important to enable all employees involved in the provision of services to appear competent and informed - anytime, anywhere. EcholoN can be used everywhere as a native app (Android, iOS), both on- and offline. EcholoN supports the planning and scheduling of technicians as well as the billing of services rendered. This applies not only to the company's own employees, but also to external service providers, who can be easily connected via the progressive web app, for example.

In addition, EcholoN makes service level reporting easy and at the touch of a button: the SLAs stored in the system can be quickly compared with current data and displayed graphically, in tabular form or in the form of clear dashboards. Costs, times, KPIs and other information can be displayed and evaluated in real time - for maximum transparency and planning in the area of services.

The following advantages are offered by the use of EcholoN in change management:

  • Clear overview of all changes to be made within a period
  • Better assess the impact of changes through a graphical representation of all affected objects such as business units, systems or components
  • Time and resource planning for the execution of large changes
  • Increase user and customer productivity through fewer disruptions caused by unauthorized changes

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