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Customer-oriented and effective through all levels: EcholoN, the Service Management Software Suite, is a comprehensive solution for service, support and customer care.

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EcholoN Ticket System on Tablet Device in Server Room

Ticket System

  • Easy standard ticketing solution with knowledge base
  • Recording and management of inquiries
  • Structured processing/execution
  • Easy ticket management
  • Inventory management
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EcholoN Helpdesk Software Solution


  • Classic help desk solution with knowledgebase
  • Contact for support tasks
  • Focus: internal IT and user support, as well as customer service and support
  • Unbureaucratic support and speed
  • Goal: to maintain business processes
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EcholoN Service Desk Software

Service Desk

  • Effective error analysis
  • Systematic task distribution
  • Professional quality management
  • Contract management (SLA)
  • Interface between customer requirements and the engineering department
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EcholoN Customer Service CRM Software

Customer Service

  • Editing service orders
  • Distribution/scheduling
  • Mobile customer service
  • Spare parts accounting
  • Reliable billing of services rendered
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EcholoN IT Service Management Software Suite

IT Service Management

  • ITIL process templates
  • Configuration management databases (CMDBs)
  • Managing your IT services / business services
  • Automates your IT service workflow
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Service Management

  • Optimizing the management of maintenance, service and repair operations.
  • Increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Faster response for inquiries.
  • Secure invoicing of all services
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Field Service Management Software Solution EcholoN

Field Service Management

  • Organize service assignments efficiently
  • Optimum disposition and scheduling
  • More transparent processes through real-time booking
  • Cost reduction through error elimination
  • Higher customer satisfaction
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Emergency Management Solution EcholoN

Business Continuity Management

  • Responsibilities clearly defined
  • Cost reduction through minimization of downtime
  • Traceability of results and data
  • Clearer structures and procedures in case of an emergency
  • Proof of quality for certification
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EcholoN Quality Management Software Solution

Quality Management

  • Quality assurance and more transparent processes
  • Cost reduction through error elimination
  • Quality awareness among employees is increasing
  • Higher customer satisfaction through quality control
  • Adhered quality standards ensure longer-term customer loyalty
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Raymond Grossert, GIA Project Manager
GIA Informatik AG LogoRaymond Grossert

GIA Informatik prepares the way to ISO-20000 certification with EcholoN

"Quality assurance with EcholoN and ITIL in action. GIA uses EcholoN today as a strategic tool to enhance customer collaboration and sustainably improve service quality." Raymond Grossert, GIA Project Manager

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Mathias Schätzthauer from Mc Donalds Germany
Mathias Schätzthauer

McDonald´s Germany optimizes spare parts supply based on central service management platform EcholoN

"At that point, you just realized that EcholoN is way ahead of other service solutions in terms of functional and technical maturity and can handle even the most complex service requirements." - Mathias Schätzthauer, Director Development at McDonald's

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Bünting Company LogoAndree Schönfeld

Unternehmensgruppe Bünting raises Group-wide business services with EcholoN to the next level of quality

"With EcholoN, we now see where problems are piling up and are able to initiate solutions to their causes at an early stage. We have standardized processes that enable us to significantly improve monitoring, resource management and quality assurance in service. "Andree Schönfeld, ITSM Administrator

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Timo Manuel Schwab Versand
Schwab Company LogoTimo-Manuel Junge

We experience EcholoN as a long-term reliable solution

Schwab Versand has been using the software for almost 15 years now and also after putting it to the test anew did not find anything better, says Timo-Manuel Junge - Team Leader Service Desk

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Transdev controls the time-critical repair processes of ticket vending machines with web-based EcholoN

The Leipzig-based Transdev Vertrieb GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the largest private German mobility provider Transdev GmbH. As a specialist for sales solutions, Transdev Vertrieb is inter alia responsible for the ticket distribution via vending machines, points of sale, subscriptions, partners and personal sales



Made in Germany - your data on the safe side

EcholoN - is the modular and individual standard software custom-made suit for your company. Adaptation without programming, individually and always updateable. That's EcholoN, the service management software.


Frequently asked questions

What is the operating model of EcholoN?

EcholoN has a hybrid operating model

  •      On Premise: You want full control of your system and operate your service management solution completely in your home
  •      Cloud based / SaaS: You favor a cloud solution without burdening your infrastructure and operate your service management software in the EcholoN cloud
  •      Managed Service: You prefer a worry-free package and want to focus on your processes.

Can groups and rights for users be read from Active Directory?

Yes, EcholoN has a standard schema for directly connecting the roles and rights with the users from the Active Directory.

What should be considered when switching from EcholoN Express to a higher edition?

All you have to do is enter a new license key. Your recorded data and the stored workflows are retained and are available directly for further processing. After the license has been entered, you can start directly with the new options.

Why are there different clients and how do they differ?

Each workstation has different requirements, which are better supported by a native application. Depending on the application, role and location you can work with a native iOS or Android app, offline and without receiving in the field service. The web app is designed for working online on all devices. The Windows client is rather intended for stationary work in the office or for remote as a desktop app. If you want to work easy, slim and fast, the web app is the perfect solution.

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