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Express Standard Professional Enterprise
Application roles e.g. x. Level Supporter, Configuration Manager, Service Level Manager Provide a framework for role instance and with the privileges ready
Worklists extended Work lists can be organized arbitrarily by the user Worklists organize the working environment of a roll
Cockpits simple one cockpit per application role Are a central point of contact for users with appropriate instruments (input elements, views, charts, etc.)
Cockpits extended Extended: can be defined in any number and form Are a central point of contact for users with appropriate instruments (input elements, views, charts, etc.)
CMDB extended CIs in any form and structure (systems, facilities, assemblies, track-lists, etc.) Configurations Management database with any object occurrence
CMS Configuration Management System 1..n CMDB's CMS Configuration Management System 1..n CMDB's CMDB's in any forms and structures (for complex systems, systems, assemblies, part lists etc.)
RTF-Editor ("Embedded Screenshots") Spell checking, embedded images, text preserves, etc. Text or description fields can be edited based on Microsoft Word
Escalation extended Individual and infinite according to context or across context Escalation scenarios can easily be defined
Business process extended uneingunrestricted in any way for a wide variety of applications Business process can be defined in templates and initiated by click
Business process free design Unrestricted business process design for any use case Free design of processes and workflows for mapping business processes
Business rules Examples: Inventory number must be unique in the complete CMDB, processes must not be changed after setting a specific status Business rules serve to meet corporate or customer-specific requirements for data quality or auditability etc.
Made in Germany! 100% Made in Germany!
Markdown Editor Capture formatted text with Markdown Markdown editor and formatted text, embedded images via drag and drop
Mask designers Predefined and individual masks, forms and dialogues can be arbitrarily arranged and shaped Masks, forms, input dialog, etc. can be freely defined
Notifications extended Unlimited individual and arbitrary defined notifications Notification schemes enable context-oriented notification scenarios through any channel (E-mail, SMS, web feeds, etc.) of events (status change, time is reached, etc.).
Projects simple Projects with activities in a relations level Illustration of simple projects with milestones
Projects extended Projects with sub-projects with activities of any depth Illustration of complex and multi-layered project structures
Impact areas / project contexts 1..n effects and environmental conditions Construction of any environmental conditions for projects (Domain context) and processes
Process templates 1..n domains in an EcholoN application instance a plurality of process templates in effect regions in an EcholoN instance
Relationations extended 1..n, n..m object relations, own relation types also across entities Arbitrary relation of objects among each other with individual relation typing
Roles: free design Free design of roles with individual access permissions. Development of individual and arbitrary role models for user, domain context and application roles. Structure of functional roles such as configuration management: CMDB administration: TK system, servers, machines, etc.
Languages Language packages are acc. Browser desktop setting loaded Language packages for all major languages
Individualize languages (company-specific languages) Company-specific language per application instance Domains or domain of effect language can be built up as desired
Status sequences extended Depending on the object type, different status models can be loaded Individual structure of any status models for all standard and individual EcholoN objects
Search of everything Full-text search of all standard fields with indexing of all contents EcholoN has freely configurable search definitions with freely definable search indexes for standard and individual fields. Flexible buildable. The search can be provided in full text with logical operators.
Search of everything with an individual search connector Full-text search of all content (standard and individual fields) with individual design of search and search schemata Structure of individual and application-oriented search schemes
Search phonetically Search phonetically Phonetic search with search suggestions like "did you mean ..."
Ticket templates Ticket solution per click possible Ticket templates and Quick Tickets
Process templates Complete process templates can be resolved by click Process templates for standard and individual event recording
Knowledgebase extended Several knowledgebases with individual publication of knowledge entries 1..n knowledgebases with individual access permissions per application instance
Workflows extended Workflows can be initiated manually, semi-automatically and automatically (by event) Individual and arbitrary development of process-oriented and cross-process workflows
Workflow designer Workflows can be easily graphically created and customized Graphical workflow and process designer
Time tracking tickets Time recording also by stopwatch, if necessary also editable later via authorization Automatic and manual time tracking depending on ticket and / or activity
Time recording operations Time recording operations
Schedules 1..n Zeitpläne Aufbaubar, Zeitplan je Benutzer etc. Illustration of schedules per day and week multilayered, also according to organizational unit
Worklists simple Worklists simple
CMDB simple Configurations elements in simple structures and simple relation
Dialog Definitions Dialog Definitions
Print simple Print simple
Print extended Print extended
E-mail connection E-mail connection
Escalation simple EcholoN distinguishes between functional / horizontal and hierarchical / vertical escalations
Business process simple Business process simple
Notifications simple notifications simple
Relationations simple Equal, subordinate and superior
Roles Standard roles with access permissions
Scripting Rules and Script Editor
Status sequences simple one status model per object
Web Client / Web App responsive web client or web app for all devices
Knowledgebase simple Knowledgebase simple
Workflows simple Workflows simple
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Vivantes: Stephanie Koch - Service Center PersonnelVivantes: Stephanie Koch - Service Center Personnel

...I have not been there for so long ;) What I can say is very positive: I am very satisfied with the implementation, the feedback and the direct contact - Stephanie Koch - Service Center Personnel

Telekommunikation Lindau: Uwe Knöpfle - Head of data centerTelekommunikation Lindau: Uwe Knöpfle - Head of data center

... KundenTreff, Munich / 24.10.2018 here, there were valuable insights into the possibilities, for example the project management with EcholoN - Uwe Knöpfle - Head of data center

Bezirk Schwaben: Markus Rinkenbuger - IT serviceBezirk Schwaben: Markus Rinkenbuger - IT service

....Superb, how on the part of our small wishes, for example. Changes, was received - Markus Rinkenbuger - IT service

Stadtverwaltung Worms: Michael Lewandowsky - Internal serviceStadtverwaltung Worms: Michael Lewandowsky - Internal service

...just run an update during the lunch break, that's a really cool thing - Michael Lewandowsky - Internal service