Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Unbeatable: EcholoN in business continuity management - Keep a cool head even in a heated battle, thanks to clear process sequences.

Fortunately, a crisis or an emergency is relatively rare. Nevertheless, they can happen. In that case, it is important to keep a cool head and act quickly. This is easier if every employee has been informed in advance exactly what he or she should do in those events. It will be even easier if there are regular exercises for these so-called emergency plans. The affected employee not only knows what to do in theory, but has already practiced and internalized it.


EcholoN helps you to identify the threats to your business, create contingency plans, perform exercises, and accurately document this process, including the outcome. The focus is always on the applicable laws, other requirements (such as MaRisk, the BSI standard 100-4, the ISO standard 22301), but also by the Supervisory Board or the Internal Audit provisions. In case of emergency, be prepared!

"Make an effort to face your crisis before it attacks you." Pavel Kosorin

Document management

Document management allows any number of users to access existing documents at the same time.

Use the link to the EcholoN knowledge base to quickly and accurately create new documents using templates.

Maintain new templates and documents to simplify operations.

Risks & causes

Identify risks and time-critical processes. With the help of a ranking you can evaluate these risks. Especially forward and banking transactions are among the most vulnerable processes.

Causes for an "emergency" can come from different areas. By personnel, technical, as well as criminal disturbances. Or by force majeure.

Be prepared!

Data exports evaluations

Reports, reports, evaluations and much more. All data in the system can be displayed graphically and exported to different file formats.

MaRisk AT 7.3 states that the results of the emergency tests have to be reported to the responsible persons. With EcholoN this can be done manually as well as automatically.

Permissions / responsibilities

Decide on responsibilities (roles) of your employees.

Depending on the task area, you can give full, restricted or no access to documents or files.

Create protected areas where sensitive data is managed.

Ticket system

With the EcholoN Ticket system, tasks can be easily recorded and delegated.

The current status remains traceable at all times. Appointments and reminders help with automated processes.

CMDB & knowledgebase

In the EcholoN CMDB, the relationships between different objects are clarified and their dependencies mapped.

All data, documents and master data are stored in the EcholoN knowledge database. Including emergency contacts, basic documents, etc.

From here they can, depending on the authorization, be linked and reused. These cross-references and central storage create clarity and save time.

Emergency Manual

Create your emergency manual with EcholoN. So, you can store it centrally, look at it as an entire manual or only department-specific.

Always at hand. At will in paper form or electronically. This makes it easy to update and adjust at any time.

Emergency planning / exercises

Create contingency plans for the different scenarios and perform exercises on them. Depending on your wishes, you can be reminded of these exercises and then evaluate and document them.

Standards / laws

EcholoN always works in accordance with the law. This also includes further requirements, such as MaRisk, the BSI standard 100-4, the ISO standard 22301, but also provisions defined by the Supervisory Board or the internal audit can be both defined and integrated.

Raymond Grossert
Raymond GrossertRaymond Grossert

GIA Informatik prepares the way to ISO-20000 certification with EcholoN

"Quality assurance with EcholoN and ITIL in action. GIA uses EcholoN today as a strategic tool to enhance customer collaboration and sustainably improve service quality." Raymond Grossert, GIA Project Manager

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Andree Schönfeld
Andree SchönfeldAndree Schönfeld

Unternehmensgruppe Bünting raises Group-wide business services with EcholoN to the next level of quality

"With EcholoN, we now see where problems are piling up and are able to initiate solutions to their causes at an early stage. We have standardized processes that enable us to significantly improve monitoring, resource management and quality assurance in service. "Andree Schönfeld, ITSM Administrator

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