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More than 350 customers from a wide variety of fields with a wide variety of applications.


Standard solutions on favorable terms that ensure an investment-safe and sustainable system. EcholoN is as industry-neutral as our customer range is diverse:

Raymond Grossert
Raymond GrossertRaymond Grossert

GIA Informatik prepares the way to ISO-20000 certification with EcholoN

"Quality assurance with EcholoN and ITIL in action. GIA uses EcholoN today as a strategic tool to enhance customer collaboration and sustainably improve service quality." Raymond Grossert, GIA Project Manager

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Mathias Schätzthauer
Mathias SchätzthauerMathias Schätzthauer

McDonald´s Germany optimizes spare parts supply based on central service management platform EcholoN

"At that point, you just realized that EcholoN is way ahead of other service solutions in terms of functional and technical maturity and can handle even the most complex service requirements." - Mathias Schätzthauer, Director Development at McDonald's

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Andree Schönfeld
Andree SchönfeldAndree Schönfeld

Unternehmensgruppe Bünting raises Group-wide business services with EcholoN to the next level of quality

"With EcholoN, we now see where problems are piling up and are able to initiate solutions to their causes at an early stage. We have standardized processes that enable us to significantly improve monitoring, resource management and quality assurance in service. "Andree Schönfeld, ITSM Administrator

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Timo-Manuel Junge
Timo-Manuel JungeTimo-Manuel Junge

We experience EcholoN as a long-term reliable solution

Schwab Versand has been using the software for almost 15 years now and also after putting it to the test anew did not find anything better, says Timo-Manuel Junge - Team Leader Service Desk

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Transdev Vertrieb GmbH

"Transdev controls time-critical ticket machine repair processes with web-based EcholoN ..." - Ines Espig IT Project Manager ...

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Cash Logistik Security AG

"For us, EcholoN is much more than just a ticketing tool, it enables us to develop our service organization according to our requirements ..." - Tim Hageney, Operations Manager at CLAG ...

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GIA Informatik AG

"GIA Informatik paves the way for ISO-20000 certification with EcholoN ..." - Raymond Grossert, GIA Project Manager

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Mc Donald’s

"All service information is now centralized ..." - Mathias Schätzthauer, Director Development at McDonald's Germany

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Coppenrath & Wiese

"The constant growth of documentation and knowledge entries in various systems made it difficult to quickly search for problem solutions ..." Robert Stoll -Teamleiter IT-Support

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Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH

"EcholoN is receiving a high level of acceptance, with about 99% of inquiries being made directly via EcholoN." David Oruzgani – Hamburg Messe und Congress

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WeltN24 GmbH

"So we decided to replace our system with a powerful, fast and flexible configurable service management suite that was also designed for the service." Thorsten Prohm, Managing Director Procs GmbH & Co. KG

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GEV Großküchen Ersatzteil GmbH

"At that point, you just realized that EcholoN is way ahead of other service solutions in terms of functional and technical maturity and can handle even the most complex service requirements." - Matthias Göttler, Project and Service Manager GEV GmbH

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Hannoversche Informationstechnologie

"From the receipt of the mail, for example, the request of a new monitor, the order or provision of the device from our warehouse to the delivery and transfer of the data to the financial accounting, all processes are processed without media break with EcholoN."

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Bünting Beteiligungs AG

"Each of the 14,000 Bünting employees can use the IT service in the event of technical malfunctions. From the cashier to administrative employees to the warehousemen at the logistics locations. ...

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Schenker Storen AG

"Schenker Storen AG is realigning group-wide service processes with EcholoN. Service excellence: Vertical and horizontal communication also via ...

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J. Schmalz GmbH

"Business Excellence: Industry 4.0 meets IT security. How to successfully integrate IT emergency management into daily business ...

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Kreis-Verwaltung Ostholstein

"While some were too complex, the others lacked either functionality or flexibility, and in the end, only EcholoN from mIT solutions has been able to provide us with a suitable overall package in terms of scope, openness, sustainability and flexibility to our project to realize, "says Asmus

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The cooperation with mIT solutions GmbH "... is gratifyingly rare and if, then still good. [...] We are satisfied with the technical support. EcholoN runs and runs and runs "Thomas Völzel - Hessen-Forst

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Videor E. Hartig GmbH

"It was essential to have the feeling of 'being understood' right from the beginning ... a partnership on the same level." Hans Jürgen Sieberling - Videor

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Waldner Holding GmbH

"This way we can see in EcholoN at any time what the amount of disruptions and resource utilization are." - Matthias Kunze, IT Manager ...

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Advanced Applications GmbH
AIRBUS Deutschland GmbH
Aristo Pharma GmbH
WILHELM Bahmueller Maschinenbau Praezisionswerkzeuge GmbH
Bechtle Steffen Schweiz AG
Bezirk Schwaben
Bauhaus Universität Weimar
J. Buenting Beteiligungs AG
Carmeq GmbH
Cash Logistik Security AG
Casimir Kast Verpackung und Display GmbH
COM plan service GmbH
Conditorei Coppenrath & Wiese KG
Diamant Software GmbH
Dingfelder+Hadler AG
Embru Werke AG
DITO Hotel Management GmbH
René Faigle AG
Friedrich Karl Schroeder GmbH
GEV Großküchen -Ersatzteil- Vertrieb GmbH
GIA Informatik AG
DNV GL - GL Maritime Software GmbH
GMSH Gebäudemanagement Schleswig Holstein AöR
Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH
Hannoversche Informations Technologien AöR
HARTING IT-Services GmbH
Haus der Barmherzigkeit
Herth + Buss Fahrzeugteile GmbH
Hessen Forst Landesbetriebsleitung
Hochschule Rhein - Waal Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences
Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Schleswig Holstein
KTR Systems GmbH
Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt AG
Klinikgruppe Enzensberg
Klinikumverbund Kempten Oberallgäu
Kreis Verwaltung Ostholstein
LWV - Landeswohlfahrtsverband Hessen
Leopoldina Krankenhaus
MAGNA International Stanztechnik GmbH
Kath Marienkrankenhaus gGmbH
McDonalds's Germany LLC
N24 - WeltN24 GmbH
Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG
Pferd - August Rüggeberg GmbH
J. Schmalz GmbH
Schenker Storen AG
Schwab Versand GmbH
Schreiner Group GmbH
Sparkassen Versicherung Sachsen
Sparkasse Gütersloh Rietberg
STADA Arzneimittel AG
Stadtverwaltung Worms
Stadtwerke Bietigheim Bissingen GmbH
STANLEY Security Deutschland GmbH
STAR Micronics GmbH
Stiftung Nieder Ramstädter
Süddeutscher Verlag GmbH
Telekommunikation Lindau GmbH
Thomas Magnete GmbH
Transdev Vertrieb GmbH
TreuOrga Daten Service GmbH
Unfallkasse Nordrhein Westfalen
Urban Science International
Videor E. Hartig GmbH
Vivantes-Netzwerk f.Gesundheit
VR Leasing AG
WALA Heilmittel GmbH
Waldner Holding GmbH