Field Service Management

Field service management software and modern FSM solution.

Field worker as "Lonesome Cowboy"?

Field service technicians are often on their own. Therefore, support the work of your service technicians in the field with the mobile application from EcholoN. Be it order time recording, material consumption or a digital service report. Everything can be done on spot and returned to the system. This completely eliminates the need for subsequent manual, time-consuming data entry of paper-based service reports. EcholoN offers, among other things, a mobile connection to your knowledgebase and communication with colleagues and dispatchers in real time.


"You can be angry all day. But it is not obliged! " Peter Hohl



FSM solution online or offline

The browser-based online application can be used on any device thanks to the latest technology. But even if there is no network connection, your service technician can close his job offline effortlessly, document it and has any necessary information always at hand - with EcholoN as a native app for IOS, Android and Windows operating systems on the notebook.

Commissioning, maintenance and repair

Whether you have many or few employees in Field Service, you work with external or your own service technicians, you want to manage vehicles, excipients or machines, EcholoN is the right solution for you. Whether it's about service, repair, maintenance or service orders, EcholoN improves your mission planning and increases your customer satisfaction.

Optimize your mission planning with EcholoN

The disposition in Field Service Management involves complex tasks and decisions in planning your service assignments, taking into account technician skills, materials, resources and time frame.

Possible questions are: Which service technician near the job location has the right skills and free capacities? How can an urgent task be integrated into an existing planning of, for example, planned commissioning and maintenance?

Automate your mission planning with EcholoN for increased efficiency. Save time, nerves and resources.

Inventory management

Both your dispatcher and your service technician are always informed about the current stock of service vehicles.

Each added item is assigned to the vehicle and then to the customer.

Offline mode

Even if your service technician has no network or is in a secure system, he can continue to work in the offline mode undisturbed and has access to all the necessary information and functions in EcholoN.

Ticket System

With the EcholoN Ticket System, tasks can be easily recorded and delegated.

The current status remains traceable at all times. Appointments and reminders help with automated processes.


Time and location tracking

For accurate billing, both internal and external, it is important to keep track of when, where and how long your service technician worked. He and you will benefit from the automatic recording of EcholoN.

Also, when creating routes or selecting a suitable service technician close to the nearest job location, accurate location tracking is essential.

Involve subcontractors

Not every company has an internal service technician for all service requests. Fortunately, the connection of external service technicians and subcontractors in EcholoN is easy, for example possible via the Web App.

Save yourself time-consuming correspondence and unnecessary waiting times.


Knowledge is power. That is why EcholoN manages all information, files and documents in a central database. Fromt here you can, depending on the authorization, be linked and reused. These cross-references and central storage create clarity and save time. Knowledge is power.

Real-time connection & communication

Who, how, where, what, when? Thanks to our real-time connection, dispatcher and service technician are on the same level.

Other persons who are involved in a process always have access to current events in accordance with their authorization.

Automatic status updates

Optionally, you can set up automatic status updates for your customers, dispatchers, and others affected by the process or important to its success.

Transparent processes are essential for effective cooperation and avoid unnecessary inquiries.

Document management

Document management allows any number of users to access existing documents at the same time.

Use the link to the EcholoN knowledge database to quickly and accurately create new documents using templates.

Maintain new templates and documents to simplify operations.

Route planning and navigation

EcholoN has a map view and trip planning of planned service orders and routes.

The address / (GPS) position of the next service operation is stored in EcholoN and can be head for easily. Thus, you can save time and also avoid possible transmission errors and random trips.


Who is allowed what? Assign permissions to your employees. You can give full or restricted access to documents or files.

Create protected areas where sensitive data is managed.

Data exports / evaluations

Reports, descriptions, evaluations and much more. All data in the system can be displayed graphically and exported to different file formats. So, you always keep track and up to date easily.

Effortlessly prepare the required documents for meetings or presentations.

Mathias Schätzthauer
Mathias SchätzthauerMathias Schätzthauer

McDonald´s Germany optimizes spare parts supply based on central service management platform EcholoN

"At that point, you just realized that EcholoN is way ahead of other service solutions in terms of functional and technical maturity and can handle even the most complex service requirements." - Mathias Schätzthauer, Director Development at McDonald's

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Ines Espig
Ines EspigInes Espig

Transdev controls time-critical repair processes of ticket machines

"We are very satisfied with EcholoN, the product, your on-time delivery, the customer service, your staff ... the mix makes it :) We have nothing to complain about and are completely happy despite the stress we have!" - Ines Espig, IT Project Manager at Transdev

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