Customer testimonials about EcholoN - success stories from the field

"For a coffee" ...

Experience report and exchange on the introduction of EcholoN - customer testimonials and a brief outline of our customers' requirements and the solution with EcholoN

How did these success stories come about?

One of our founding ideas was that we always want to be proactively in touch with our customers. Of course we are happy when our customers contact us by phone / video, chat / mail and in person :) But we want more...

In line with our corporate philosophy, we seek and find continuous dialogue with our customers - even beyond technical topics - and have created several platforms for this purpose:

  • EcholoN Events, which are designed as all-day events with various workshops. These are held in Hamburg - and traditionally on a Friday ;)
  • EcholoN meetings, which are usually organised once a year. To this end, we organise meetings in six central capitals throughout Germany as well as a meeting in Austria and Switzerland, each of which takes place at a different customer's company.
  • Customer visits to our premises - spontaneously for a coffee and a chat or planned with future workshop and training appointments. We take care of the shuttle service, the lunchtime walk, the meals (home-baked cakes, grill'n'chill at the end of the day) and the overnight stay.
  • EcholoN customer service, which communicates regularly with customers. This is organised according to the customer's wishes and schedule: Monthly, every two months, quarterly, semi-annually or once a year.

The following reports are based on a personal exchange between our EcholoN customers and our customer care team. The interviews feature EcholoN managers from the very beginning as well as contact persons who have taken over responsibility for EcholoN from other colleagues.

Some of them brought EcholoN into their companies at the time and have been involved in every step since the start of the project. The others take a fresh look at a well-established system and discover new potential.

Merle Rossbach, who listens to customers and notes down their experiences, thus represents an important facet of mIT solutions GmbH: empathetic customer loyalty.