Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital - Experience with EcholoN

Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital

Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital, the largest hospital in the Middle Upper Rhine region, offers comprehensive medical services as a maximum care facility and teaching hospital of the University of Freiburg. With over 4,500 dedicated employees, the hospital provides care for over 61,000 inpatients and around 186,000 outpatients every year. The aim is to enable both sick and healthy people to be closely integrated into urban life and to make their stay at the hospital as pleasant as possible

Digital transformation at Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital with EcholoN

"For a coffee" with IT administrator D. Schwarz, IT user service at Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital, reports on the introduction of the EcholoN ITSM platform in the hospital's IT service management system

Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital shares its experience of implementing EcholoN, a comprehensive service management system that increases efficiency, improves internal communication and provides cost-effective solutions.

Overview and first steps

The introduction of EcholoN into the hospital has significantly improved workflows. Despite a complex configuration phase, we experienced a significant simplification of our processes. As an EcholoN administrator and 2nd level support employee, I was able to establish a direct connection to the base and share my knowledge effectively with colleagues thanks to the comprehensive knowledge management. The flexibility of EcholoN, which makes it possible to create customised views for various requirements, deserves special mention.

Advantages and benefits

EcholoN has enabled us to significantly streamline our processes through templates and automation. One highlight is the onboarding process for new employees, which is now fully automated and error-free. The introduction of EcholoN has not only improved team efficiency, but has also contributed to resource optimisation and cost savings, particularly through the automation of monitoring and user account creation.

Implementation and training

Despite initial challenges in adapting to an ITIL-based system and the need to improve data quality in existing systems, the implementation process was successful. The basic training provided a solid foundation and with the support of EcholoN support I was able to familiarise myself with more specialised functions.

Customer support and further development

The customer support for EcholoN is excellent. Enquiries, whether due to ignorance or configuration errors, were always dealt with quickly and in a friendly manner. The regular updates and new versions of EcholoN continuously contribute to performance and efficiency.

Future prospects and final thoughts

The introduction of EcholoN has had a positive impact on Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital in many ways. It has opened up new possibilities and significantly improved communication both internally and externally through the central service portal. EcholoN has proven to be an extremely customisable and convenient system, whose diversity for automation via workflows and adaptation to our needs is particularly appreciated.


Karlsruhe Municipal Hospital is experiencing a successful digital transformation with EcholoN. The platform not only offers improved efficiency and communication, but also significant cost savings and optimised use of resources. EcholoN is proving to be a worthwhile investment that can be customised to the specific requirements of the hospital.