Service Desk with reports

The EcholoN Service Desk integrates flexibly into your structure and can be connected to existing systems (intranet software, e-mail system, database, etc.).

The Service Desk solution contains a variety of configuration options. EcholoN allows you to create, delegate, prioritize, track, review and manage tasks, processes, requests of any kind (software bugs, project tasks, change requests, enhancements, etc.). Thus, the EcholoN Service Desk enables professional, systematic and effective error, task and quality management.

The EcholoN Service Desk is the link between the customer's requirements and "the internal service providers". Thus, the use of the service desk begins after the successful sale and the implementation of a product or service. The term “Service Desk” originates from IT and guarantees the accessibility of the IT organization for its service users (see also Helpdesk).

"Your most dissatisfied customers are your best source of learning." Bill Gates



General understanding of tasks in the Service Desk

The main focus of the Service Desk is the professional and structured inbound and outbound communication with the customers. It oversees the activities of the subsequent business units that implement the requirements. Furthermore, it assumes additional tasks in the structured recording (for example, by checklists), in the first processing and onward transmission to downstream specialists.

Structured recording of customer requests

  • Via omnichannel contact (telephone, fax, web, chat, e-mail, etc.) customer requests are typified and categorized. In this, the service desk can be supported with checklists. Requests are recorded through a logically structured dialogue leading through the entire recording.
  • Service level agreement: Already during creation of, an SLA check is carried out so that the agreed reaction times are adhered to immediately.
  • Pre-delegation: Based on typification and categorization, a matrix recommends a processing group and / or a processor with corresponding skills.
  • Process schemes: The typification can control the subsequent activities. These result from the linked process schemas. In the event of a malfunction, it is first checked whether an SLA may apply, whereas a request for an additional service triggers an effort estimate.
  •  Automatic documentation of the individual processing steps with time recording facilitates the internal and external documentation of the process.

Analysis of your data

Thanks to the structured process recording within the EcholoN system, it is easy to determine key figures of the service desk. Simple and complex evaluations are included from the beginning. Individual reports can be created with own know how. This enables you to document the performance of your support, to recognize trends in good time and derive appropriate action alternatives.

Selected reports

  • Operations by category: The report shows the breakdown of closed operations by category and provides an indicator of revenue and duration. It allows the analysis of transactions by category, for example, for billing purposes and SLA compliance.
  • SLA Timeout: This report shows the customers where the agreed time(s) was/were not met.
  • Operations sorted by trigger: The report provides an evaluation according to asset classes and models (triggers). This information can be used for your own purchase (replacement procurement) or sales (replacement investment for customers).

Knowledgebase Quality: This report provides data from the self-help area where the knowledge base was successfully or not successfully searched. Thus, the report allows a review of the quality of documented knowledge.


Reasons for the EcholoN Service Desk solution

Building a multi-level support

The service desk structure can be divided into three levels. The…

The service desk structure can be divided into three levels. The First Level Support has access to the knowledge base or can pass on his request to the department, the second level. The expertise of the third level / last level team is partially available through the knowledge base at all levels.

pricing policy

There is currently no comparable service management solution that…

There is currently no comparable service management solution that achieves the functionality and sophistication of EcholoN. The price policy of EcholoN is manageable and transparent, the license costs are independent of the number of generated projects and processes.


For all its functionality, the EcholoN interface is intuitive to…

For all its functionality, the EcholoN interface is intuitive to operate and characterized by good usability. This leads to relatively short training periods and reduces the training effort to a minimum. An easy-to-use system is more easily accepted by your colleagues and employees, thus helps you to reach your goals faster.

We are the manufacturer

We as manufacturers are constantly developing EcholoN further,…

We as manufacturers are constantly developing EcholoN further, based on the current possibilities that .NET technology offers. Furthermore, EcholoN is maintained by our product management, as well as constantly expanded with powerful and practice-relevant features by customers' ideas.


Customers with an ongoing maintenance contract will receive the…

Customers with an ongoing maintenance contract will receive the right to free updates, patches, new developments and the comprehensive support by us.

The EcholoN Service Desk solution can be adapted to your requirements at any time. So, you can use all modules and extensions, as well as the EcholoN Helpdesk solution or the comprehensive solution for holistic service management. A small overview with functions - processes and process diagrams can be found under Editions.


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