EcholoN Ticketing and Helpdesk

Clever, quick and easy - the Express Edition of EcholoN is the easy and cost-effective entry into a professional help desk solution. The fast ticket collection with knowledge database provides small and medium businesses a smart solution for a more efficient service.


The EcholoN Express Edition corresponds to internal and external demands. In every industry, EcholoN Express is suitable for both, the external customer support, as well as for internal user support.

  • Easy ticket acquisition with direct support from the Knowledge Base
  • All information directly at a glance
  • Quick and easy full-text search of all relevant areas
  • RTF editor e.g. for "Embedded Screenshot"
  • Unicode capable

Input channels: e-mail, telephone (CTI / ACD), via Web Self Help or service portal, alarm systems / Auto News


Get an overview

  • Easy and fast ticket collection via a standard process
  • The business process "Call Wizard" helps you to identify and classify the ticket
  • Time recording directly to the ticket and the processing (operations)
  • Direct mail processing via POP3, IMAP and SMTP
  • Activities and activity templates for processing tickets
  • Free Generation of views
  • Knowledge base directly in Access
  • Figure of products (CI: CI) and their properties
  • Print tickets and activities
  • Simple standard reports

What happens to existing licenses and modules after an upgrade?

All existing licenses and modules are migrated to the respective upgrade. The already known functions are not lost, they are supplemented by further modules and functions.

Can groups and rights be read out of the ADS?

Yes, groups and rights can be mapped directly to the EcholoN groups and roles.

Can I connect to the ADS or other directory services?

Yes. EcholoN has an LDAP connector that can read the user data (contacts, person, etc.) and other object classes directly into the EcholoN user management.

What happens to data already collected in EcholoN Express when upgrading to another edition?

Your collected data will be retained and will be immediately available for further processing after the license has been entered.

Is the change to a higher edition (eg EcholoN Standard or Professional EcholoN) consuming?

You can change to another edition at any time. EcholoN is designed to allow a direct upgrade to another license.