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EcholoN - holistic service management - provides structured documentation solutions in processes for better service, support and customer care.

Ticket System

  • Easy standard ticketing solution with knowledge base
  • Recording and management of inquiries
  • Structured processing/execution
  • Easy ticket management
  • Inventory Management
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  • Classic help desk solution with knowledgebase
  • Contact for support tasks
  • Focus: internal IT and user support, as well as customer service and support
  • Unbureaucratic support and speed
  • Goal: to maintain business processes
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Service Desk

  • Effective error analysis
  • Systematic task distribution
  • Professional quality management
  • Contract Management (SLA)
  • Interface between customer requirements and the technology
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Customer Service

  • Edit service orders
  • Distribution/scheduling
  • Mobile customer service
  • Spare parts accounting
  • Reliable billing of services rendered
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IT Service Management

  • ITIL process templates
  • Configuration Management Databases (CMDBs)
  • Manage your IT services / business services
  • Automates your IT service workflow
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Service Management

  • Optimizing the management of maintenance, service and repair operations.
  • increase customer satisfaction.
  • Faster response for inquiries.
  • Secure invoicing of all services
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Field Service Management

  • Organize service assignments efficiently
  • Optimum disposition and scheduling
  • More transparent processes through real-time booking
  • Cost reduction through error elimination
  • Higher customer satisfaction
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Business Continuity Management

  • Responsibilities clearly defined
  • Cost reduction through minimization of downtime
  • Traceability of results and data
  • Clearer structures and procedures in case of an emergency
  • Proof of quality for certification
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Quality Management

  • Quality assurance and more transparent processes
  • Cost reduction through error elimination
  • Quality awareness among employees is increasing
  • Higher customer satisfaction through quality control
  • Adhered quality standards ensure longer-term customer loyalty
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