"It was essential to have the feeling of 'being understood' right from the start and to experience it ... - a partnership at the same level." Hans Jürgen Sieberling - Videor

Interview with Mr. Hans Jürgen Sieberling - head of the IT department

“For more than 40 years, Videor has been one of the leading distributors of professional video technology in Europe. The broad product range includes both components and complete solutions from the areas of security, networking, imaging and broadcast and is based on strict quality standards (EN ISO 9001: 2000 and since May 2009 EN ISO 9001: 2008), a strong purchasing position in international hi-tech markets and many years of market knowledge.”


Head office in Rödermark

EcholoN: What is the job of the IT department?

Mr. Sieberling: We are responsible for all matters relating to information technology. We also provide user support and training for around 120 users.

EcholoN: Why looking for a HelpDesk solution?

Mr. Sieberling: Originally, a product was generally sought for support. The goal was to build up a knowledge base that can later be made available to both customers and employees.

EcholoN: What is supported?

Mr. Sieberling: In the first step, EcholoN is used for general support of the general customer base. For the second step, the handling of the internal support and thus a uniform platform is planned. As long-term planning, project management with EcholoN is aimed for.

EcholoN: What is the special challenge?

Mr. Sieberling: To significantly improve support, both within the IT department and externally towards customers. In the past, customers may have had a bad feeling about processing their requests. Since the processing status can now be viewed, this has a very positive effect on the entire customer service.

EcholoN: Which goal should be achieved by introducing a help desk solution?

Mr. Sieberling: The goal was to improve the support and the development of a knowledgebase, its construction and the documentation of complete processes as well as the access by the customers.
It was quite difficult to find such a product and so an individual solution was programmed as an interim solution.

EcholoN: How did the selection process go?

Mr. Sieberling: Classic. The providers were researched in advance and CeBIT was used as the first platform for presentations. Three providers received an invitation to present the respective system in more detail on site. Both employees and the management took part in the subsequent workshops.

EcholoN: What were the main criteria in the specifications?

Mr. Sieberling: In addition to the ones already mentioned, costumizing, the web client, multilingualism and the CTI coupling were relevant.

EcholoN: What were the main reasons to choose EcholoN?

Mr. Sieberling: After testing the products, the decision was ultimately made based on the chemistry between the provider and Videor E. Hartig GmbH. It was essential to have the feeling of “being understood” right from the start and to experience that the needs are recognized or implemented - a partnership on the same level. Another reason was, for example, the requirement that the software run under CITRIX. This promise was made and the performance was very impressive.

EcholoN: How was the installation and setup of EcholoN?

Mr. Sieberling: It went well, smoothly and quickly.

EcholoN: How is the collaboration between mIT solutions GmbH and Videor E. Hartig GmbH?

Mr. Sieberling: Very good from the beginning to the current project status. I like to work with the team at mIT solutions GmbH; the dates are very productive.

EcholoN: Did you face any further challenges during the installation phase?

Mr. Sieberling: The CTI manager was more relevant than the call assistant. First of all, the employees had to be motivated for the additional work. The tickets had to be recorded in a predefined form and the registration processes themselves had to be modified. The internal structures have been adjusted and resolved to the satisfaction of everyone involved.

EcholoN: Would you choose EcholoN again?

Mr. Sieberling: In principle, yes. Even though it was known that certain functionalities would not be available until later, EcholoN still met expectations.

EcholoN: Would you do something different afterwards?

Mr. Sieberling: If necessary, include the redundancy of the system right from the start. The project flow and project management were carried out effectively and efficiently internally.

EcholoN: What positive effects have you noticed since installing EcholoN?

Mr. Sieberling: Ticket processing has already been simplified. The field service should now also have access to EcholoN and thus, through optimal preparation for customer visits, improve customer care.