Project Management - Example & Advantages

Project management with EcholoN

Whether small or large, internal or external, simple or complex: with EcholoN, every project becomes a business service.

A project is a time-limited undertaking with work packages of varying complexity. Because projects are not subject to a fixed structure and can involve both internal and external employees, partners or suppliers, they require a special organisation. EcholoN provides you with numerous useful functions with which you can quickly create, manage and monitor projects at any time. Simple, intuitive, flexible.

"Life consists mainly of having to cope with the unexpected." John Steinbeck


Example: Structure and introduction of project management
  • Time limit 1

    Projects have a precisely defined beginning and end. They are usually time-critical. In development projects, a new product must enter the market quickly and with high quality.

  • Financial & personnel restrictions 2

    The budget and number of people working on the project are limited. Rooms, hardware and software equipment and other resources are only available to a limited extent.

  • Defined target 3

    No project without a target! Measures result from the targets. Targets must be agreed and fixed with the management.

  • Teamwork 4

    Teams of various internal and external specialists lead to very effective solutions that are accepted by all parties involved. If necessary, set up a separate organisation alongside the normal hierarchy.

  • Also extensive 5

    Efforts to plan and manage a project will only be made if it is a large-scale undertaking.

  • Uncertainty & Risk 6

    It is characteristic of many projects that at the beginning it is not known whether the intended targets will be achieved at all. Often the time frame is not kept, the costs are exceeded or the service is not rendered.

Projects often pose challenges for the corresponding organisation, because they are usually exceptional, often one-off and time-limited requirements. In addition, most projects are not firmly structured, which is why flexibility in planning and implementation, evaluation and accounting is particularly in demand.

With EcholoN, each project represents another business service, which you simply enter as an activity with the specific characteristic "project". It does not matter how large or complex the project is or whether it is an internal or external project. It is always entered in a structured process in EcholoN and can then be assigned resources (staff, technology, time slots, etc.). Complex project plans can thus be easily divided into any number of sub-projects, for which you can set the milestones, deadlines, resources and responsibilities individually.

You can then create concrete work packages for each (sub)project. These are the smallest task units derived from the work breakdown structure. Each work package is assigned to a responsible person who continuously informs the project management about the progress of the work. To maintain an overview at all times, you can create project-related to-do lists and sort and filter them according to numerous criteria. Deadlines and time budgets are clearly displayed in the calendar so that all participants - project management and project staff - are always well informed. With the integrated project Kanban board in EcholoN, you can quickly and easily create new task packages, update their status and track the progress of the project.

The EcholoN Data Workflow System is the babel fish for project data

Especially in complex, external projects, different project management systems are often used. The EcholoN Data Workflow System enables simple data exchange with common systems (e.g. SAP, MS Project) and any data sources. The data is processed automatically and is available for further processing in the required format after import. This makes collaboration with customers or external service providers in the context of projects much easier - because you work as before in the familiar EcholoN environment.

The interactive reporting in EcholoN allows you to visualise all the project data you need and view it in a dynamic dashboard with drill-down and pull-up functions. There is no quicker or easier way to make target/actual comparisons or get an overview of individual data, KPIs or the overall project quality.

The following advantages are offered by the use of EcholoN in change management:

  • Clear overview of all changes to be made within a period
  • Better assess the impact of changes through a graphical representation of all affected objects such as business units, systems or components
  • Time and resource planning for the execution of large changes
  • Increase user and customer productivity through fewer disruptions caused by unauthorized changes

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