Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Control

EcholoN, as a business management software, is comparable to the Swiss army knife: extremely versatile and easy to handle.


With functions such as the cross-departmental knowledgebase or exact documentation of process flows, EcholoN is an ideal tool for quality management with quality assurance and control in your company. Independent of sector and size, many standards and regulations can be mapped. For example, EcholoN helps you on the way to certification according to DIN ISO 9001. Regardless whether your company already has quality management or if you would like to implement it anew.


"The art of making plans is to forestall the difficulties of their execution." Luc de Clapiers



Assess, evaluate, manage and track risks and opportunities

  • Planning
  • Guidelines
  • Reports
  • Instructions
  • Responsibilities

Record, rate and track feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Input from customers, suppliers and employees

  • Arrange
  • Manage
  • Approvals
  • Changes / versions
  • Search function
  • Responsibilities
  • Reminders/alerts
  • Documentation

Graphical business processes and procedures.

Create links and responsibilities

Raymond Grossert
Raymond GrossertRaymond Grossert

GIA Informatik prepares the way to ISO-20000 certification with EcholoN

"Quality assurance with EcholoN and ITIL in action. GIA uses EcholoN today as a strategic tool to enhance customer collaboration and sustainably improve service quality." Raymond Grossert, GIA Project Manager

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Andree Schönfeld
Andree SchönfeldAndree Schönfeld

Unternehmensgruppe Bünting raises Group-wide business services with EcholoN to the next level of quality

"With EcholoN, we now see where problems are piling up and are able to initiate solutions to their causes at an early stage. We have standardized processes that enable us to significantly improve monitoring, resource management and quality assurance in service. "Andree Schönfeld, ITSM Administrator

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