Our Partner Program

The partner program lives from the goal of a global strategy

based on the EcholoN philosophy.

Partner program which guarantees quality.

The partner program enables uniform standards and quality assurance for our customers. In doing so, we rate quality assurance as the "first priority".

For this reason, we make the high demands that we make of our development, also to our partners.

The objective is achieved through a single certification program in each stage of the partnership. Here, the EcholoN team is the partner with advice and practical help.

The simple formula here is: sustained positive economic efficiency through high customer acceptance.

The certification and extension of existing partnership

The certification program makes it possible to develop the expertise of individual partners for all. The goal is the successful training of a partner as "Enterprise Solution Partner" or "Enterprise Partner". This is a supplement to the existing partnerships, taking into account new functionalities of the EcholoN framework. Enterprise partners focus on developing individual solutions for the customer.

With the EcholoN Framework, there is an Enterprise Edition in addition to the well-known versions.

This places the highest demands on the partners as it has the goal of tapping into a special one, the individual market. This is how the EcholoN community meets the growing demand for business solutions worldwide. Our experts will assist customers with their qualifications in addition to the EcholoN standard solutions, also in the area of individual characteristics with words and deeds. Here, knowledge areas are taught, such as e.g. the creation of a qualitative knowledge database, through the creation of own modules, up to extended adaptation of external data.

Organization of the partnership structure

A hierarchy in the true sense does not exist in the partner structure of the EcholoN community. The character of the partner structure depends on the individual design and orientation of the partner company. We differentiate the sales-oriented alignment for the standard EcholoN help desk from the project-oriented solution alignment, as it is done in large installations. Both solutions build on the same basis. This also enables efficient expansion for existing customers or the ability to update individual projects. Below you will find the possible partner forms.

Orientation: Qualified sales of EcholoN standard solutions.

The sales partner provides the "small" entry path into the distribution of EcholoN standard solutions

Qualification takes place through the same training courses that the Solution Partner completes. Here, consultants or system houses can offer their customers comprehensive support. In addition, the training provides new skills. This results in additional performance potential for your customers. The qualification is completed by a special sales training.

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Orientation: Qualified Sales and Implementation of EcholoN Standard Solutions

Solution partnership means that EcholoN is a core task of the respective company. The title authorized to establish their own sales partners and provide support. In addition to the subject-specific application training, the training of technicians comes into play here. This enables the Solution Partners to implement customer solutions, taking into account the existing infrastructure. The qualification is completed by a special sales training.

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Orientation: Sale of standard solution and custom solutions.

The Enterprise Solution Partner is an addition to the Solution Partner. In terms of sales, he is a Solution Partner who has integrated his own development department into the corporate structure.

Whatever form of partnership you choose, your commitment to the cause is important. We look after all our partners equally. The form of the partnership should be well thought out, as the requirements for existing corporate structures and corporate goals must fit.

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Qualification for the partnership structure

The qualification for the partner structure takes place via training courses. The knowledge of the individual areas of responsibility is conveyed in special trainings. Subsequently, the individual specialists required for the partner structure will be integrated.

Sales Partner
  • Sales representative (basic training + sales training)
Solution Partner
  • Sales representative (basic training + sales training)
  • Consultant & technician (basic training technicians training +)
Enterprise Solution Partner
  • Sales representatives (basic training + Sales Training) project (basic training + technician training)
  • Consultant (basic training + technician training
  • Developers (basic training + technician training + developer training)