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The demarcation between the EcholoN Ticket System, the EcholoN Helpdesk and the EcholoN Service Desk is rather subtle and lies in the details.

The EcholoN Helpdesk solution focuses on internal IT and user support, which makes it the link between the IT department and their colleagues.

Organizationally, the Helpdesk ensures that any contact for support request always goes through the Helpdesk, as it is the link to the IT specialists. It carries out the so-called "First Level Support". Non-bureaucratic support and speed are the focus here.

The ultimate goal is to maintain the business processes. The EcholoN Helpdesk solution is the optimal support for users and helpdesk staff.

"He who sees a need and waits to be asked for help is as unkind as if he had refused it." Dante Alighieri

General understanding of tasks in the Helpdesk

The focus is on resuming the business processes. The cause is remedied after continuation of work has been enabled.

Example: A printer does not have to be "sent in" right away, but can be used as a "workaround" to continue printing by using a different printer mapping.

The Helpdesk is a company internal service provider and shows its importance in the business process through quick reaction and solution.

Possible organization in the help desk


Quick assumptions of support requests

  • The requestor is directly identified. All IT services used (workstation, printer, applications) are known through the integration of the inventory solution.
  • Questions about existing support requests are answered quickly. Forwarding to the specialist colleagues takes place directly.
  • Requests are recorded via a logically structured dialog that leads through the entire recording.
  • Incoming e-mails are converted into a process. All content, such as embedded screenshots or attachments are included in this process. The same procedure applies to support requests via web form.
  • A summary of the request will be sent automatically to the requester by e-mail.
  • Controlled by a workflow, the requester is automatically informed about further developments of his ticket.
  • A knowledgebase supports the analysis and subsequent search for solutions, even in already solved processes.
  • Redirection and tracing: If the request is submitted to the "second level", the Helpdesk is the link and remains

Helpdesk Reports

  • Initial Solution Rate: The Helpdesk should be able to solve about 80% of requests in such a manner that the business process is not disrupted further.
  • Information base for proactive handling: The help desk accumulates all relevant data to detect changes and threats to the core business at an early stage and avert them from the company.
  • Meaningful reporting provides information about achieving your own goals (KPI).

Reasons for the EcholoN Helpdesk solution

Adaptability to the specific needs of your company

Define your own time schedules on the basis of priority or an…

Define your own time schedules on the basis of priority or an internal supplementary contract (OLA). The intelligent notification scheme warns when free definable times are reached. Thus, your individual interests can be attained.

Building a multi-level support

The Helpdesk can be structured over three levels. The first level…

The Helpdesk can be structured over three levels. The first level support has access to the knowledgebase or can pass on its request to the appropriate departmment, the second level. The expertise of the third level / last level team is available through the knowledgebase at all levels.

Reporting and trend analysis

Monitor your KPIs at any time by ad hoc evaluation of your data. Or…

Monitor your KPIs at any time by ad hoc evaluation of your data. Or use the “Good Practice Reports”, of which 60 are included in the delivery package. In addition, the graphic designer helps you to create your own reports.

This allows you to track the performance of your support as well as identify trends and derive action alternatives.

Additional extensions and modules

Integration of third-party systems, such as client management…

Integration of third-party systems, such as client management solutions, monitoring, network management (Nagios, Zappix, or similar) and remote maintenance systems.

For more information, see the Modules and Extensions section.


Knowledgebase and the increase of the initial solution rate

The integrated knowledgebase offers quick and easy solutions. Thus,…

The integrated knowledgebase offers quick and easy solutions. Thus, answers can be given on first contact. Once a ticket has been successfully closed, the solution is available as knowledge (in the knowledgebase).

The EcholoN Knowledgebase (unkempt and well-kept knowledge) enables you and your team to efficiently find solutions to common, recurring or even difficult problems.

Security of your data

The setup is done on servers provided by you. EcholoN adapts to…

The setup is done on servers provided by you. EcholoN adapts to your infrastructure (physical, virtualized or external data center) and supports your security concept. You have full control over your data and they always remain in your hands.

The EcholoN Helpdesk solution can be customized at any time according to your requirements. Thus, you can use all the modules and extensions, as well as the EcholoN Ticket System or the comprehensive solution for holistic service management. A small overview with functions - processes and process diagrams can be found under Editions.

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