Incident Management Example & Advantages

Incident management made simple: fast and easy standard with EcholoN

In a complex technical environment, disruptions cannot be completely ruled out. However, it is important that companies address faults and problems quickly and in a structured manner. EcholoN's efficient incident management optimally supports your service desk staff: even before the first direct contact, an automated contact identification takes place. In the further course, templates guarantee a structured, flexible and secure workflow.

And afterwards, data-based analyses of costs and services can be created at the touch of a button. A variety of ready-made reports for incident management are available for this purpose. You can also create your own reports to determine specific KPIs. In this way, you can objectively assess the performance of your support team and prove it to internal and external customers.

The process-oriented workflow ensures maximum transparency and structure in the area of incident management. It facilitates the resolution, follow-up and documentation of incidents of all kinds. In the end, everyone involved benefits from this: the staff at the service desk, who are relieved of time, as well as the customers, whose requests are processed and answered quickly, competently and reliably.

Example process from Incident Management
  • Contact identification 1

    Identification of the contact: Depending on the input channel (telephone, live chat, e-mail, selfhelp, service portal), the enquirer is automatically identified. Via their telephone number, e-mail address, name or a user ID. Fast, simple and reliable.

  • Object assignment 2

    Object assignment: The next step is to record in the system which object it is - for example, a service or a component, a device, a plant or a system. For this purpose, your employees have direct access to the configuration database CMDB.

  • Fault recording 3

    Capture: Whether it's a problem, a need or any other requirement, the integrated ticket and incident templates enable quick one-click incident capture.

  • Approach to solutions 4

    Solution finding: Based on the assigned object and the recorded information, the employees in first level support can access the knowledge database. If this is not sufficient to solve the problem, the request can be forwarded to the specialist department without delay.

The following advantages are offered by the use of EcholoN in the service desk and incident management:

  • Clear and structured process acceptance via wizard
  • Transparency of the processes through logging, time and effort recording
  • Increase of the initial solution rate through integrated knowledge database
  • Extensive reporting for cost-benefit analysis
  • Fast, efficient process-recording using procedure and process templates
  • Direct connection to network management (PRTG, Nagios etc.)
  • Increase customer satisfaction