What is Helpdesk Software?



Ralph Bockisch
Ralph Bockisch

What is help desk software?

The focus of a help desk platform is primarily the interface between IT and employees. If colleagues have problems with their tools or their hardware, they can contact the IT staff via the help desk. But also for other company areas, such as accounting, customer service or administration, the helpdesk software offers an optimal way to communicate internally and to solve problems. The aim is to remedy the existing problem to the extent that it can continue to work promptly and the business process is kept running.

Differentiation from the EcholoN Service Desk and the ticket system

While our EcholoN help desk software is primarily intended for in-house problem solving, thanks to the service desk all processes inside and outside the company can be structured and organized. With the help of the service desk, tasks can be created, prioritized, delegated and controlled. The software thus ensures professional quality management and the associated systematic distribution of tasks. It saves time, money and human resources.

The ticket system is a useful, optional component for the service desk and the help desk software. This allows inquiries to be easily bundled and passed on to the respective service employee. It ensures that no request is overlooked, regardless of whether it is received as a mail or a phone call. Another decisive advantage of the ticket system is that it can be installed and used within a single day.

How does the EcholoN Helpdesk software work?

How exactly the EcholoN Helpdesk becomes a tailor-made software suit is always decided by the company itself. Due to the fact that the individual modules can be put together like in a construction kit, the software is used individually. What they all have in common is the knowledge database behind the software. This accumulates by itself with every problem, so it grows from day to day.
One possible organization within the help desk is three-level support:

  • First level: The employees in the first level support have access to a comprehensive knowledge database through which they can solve many problems. General service employees who usually have little specialist knowledge work in First Level Support. If you cannot solve an existing problem with the help of the knowledge database, pass the request on to second level support.
  • Second level: Employees from the respective departments work in second level support. The knowledge database is also available to them, and due to their professional orientation they have the ability to solve more specific problems. If they can process the request, this is imported into the knowledge database and is now also available to employees on the first level.
  • Third level: In third level support, the problems that could not be solved so far are passed on to experts. Usually these are the service providers, manufacturers or suppliers themselves. As with the other two support levels, their knowledge is also fed into the knowledge database as soon as the request has been processed

Thanks to the three-level support, resources are optimally distributed and used. This ensures efficiency and effectiveness.

Who uses our helpdesk software?

Our helpdesk software is used by companies that want to guarantee high quality support both internally and externally. This is important in order to generate standardized processes and thus to optimally use the potential. We won't leave you alone on any point. Feel free to contact us, together we will find the helpdesk software that is optimally put together for you. Of course, we are still available for questions and problems after the implementation. This in turn also works via our help desk software... try it out, you will see that it is worth it!

What advantages does the EcholoN Helpdesk software offer?

The EcholoN help desk software offers some advantages that distinguish it from other help desk tools:

  • The software can be specially adapted to the needs of your company. As in a construction kit, you can put together exactly what you need.
  • If you notice afterwards that an additional module would have made sense: no problem. The help desk software can be expanded with additional modules at any time.
  • The comprehensive, integrated knowledge database enables you to find solutions for almost any problem quickly and easily. And best of all: the knowledge accumulates automatically after every problem is solved. The longer you work with the EcholoN Helpdesk software, the greater the knowledge and the faster new problems can be solved.
  • Speed and efficiency are not only ensured on the part of the user, the reports and data analyzes also work ad hoc. In this way, trends can be identified within a very short time and alternative courses of action derived.
  • Data protection is very important to us. EcholoN adapts perfectly to your infrastructure so that you always have full control over your data and its security

For more information, just contact us without obligation - we look forward to your inquiry.