Success story EcholoN in service at STAR Micronics GmbH



STAR Micronics GmbH

STAR Micronics GmbH is a leading company in the field of manufacturing technology, characterised by quality, reliability and innovation. With almost 10,000 CNC automatic lathes delivered throughout Europe, the company demonstrates its strength in high-precision and cost-effective production. Founded in 1979 and with 7 locations worldwide, STAR Micronics customises its state-of-the-art machines to its customers' operational requirements to ensure efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability in manufacturing. The commitment to people and the environment, combined with a comprehensive range of services, emphasises STAR Micronics' philosophy of always promoting the success of its customers.

Increasing efficiency with EcholoN

"Auf einen Kaffee" with Peter Gröning, Technical Manager at STAR Micronics GmbH, reports on the practical use and benefits of the EcholoN service management platform for the entire service with dispatching and technician support.

Since the introduction of EcholoN at STAR Micronics GmbH, co-operation between the departments has greatly improved. Through the constructive partnership with mIT solutions, efficient solutions have been developed for the comprehensive service area, including customer service, commissioning, maintenance and repair as well as technical field service.

Before EcholoN, when it came to invoice clarifications, the administrators sent a request to the hotliners concerned, who checked their invoiced times and sent the relevant data back. With EcholoN, this process is completed smoothly and quickly with two clicks of a button. This has a positive effect on general team collaboration.
And it also has a button for a "callback request to the customer" including an automated e-mail message. So you no longer have to try to reach someone 5 times and document these call attempts 5 times.

Main advantages and efficiency

The use of EcholoN ensures a high level of end-to-end transparency. This is an enormous advantage, as everyone involved now knows "what's going on" in real time. Almost in real time too: if something is adjusted in the customer portal, the technician knows about it 10 seconds later and can initiate the appropriate steps. Another advantage is the option of role-related authorisation: Each employee, each group - depending on their role - can be granted a wide variety of accesses. Everyone knows immediately where they are at home. Another advantage: no more paperwork! You can find the information you need very quickly and easily with a targeted search. All in all, the use of EcholoN has resulted in a major increase in efficiency.

Thanks to EcholoN, STAR Micronics enjoys unprecedented transparency in the workflow, which means that everyone involved is informed about the status of tasks in real time. The role-based authorisations, intelligent search function and efficient ticket management are particularly appreciated. These tools have improved internal communication, accelerated processes and increased the team's efficiency by 90-95%.

Implementation and future outlook

The implementation process was a challenge that STAR Micronics successfully overcame thanks to the commitment and flexibility of everyone involved. Training and excellent customer support from mIT solutions helped to realise the full potential of EcholoN. In the future, STAR Micronics will focus on optimising KPIs and AI-supported process optimisation in order to further increase efficiency.


The introduction of EcholoN has enabled STAR Micronics GmbH to significantly optimise its work processes, improve collaboration and increase customer satisfaction. The future direction promises even greater use of data-supported decisions and process optimisation.