EcholoN success story: Dr Netik & Partner

Dr. Netik & Partner - Managed IT Services

Dr Netik & Partner GmbH, based in Neubrandenburg and Güstrow, Germany, is a leading company in the provision of managed IT services. As a cloud services specialist and premium partner for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Citrix, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure, Dr Netik & Partner GmbH offers comprehensive IT solutions for medium-sized companies. The company has a clear focus on managed IT services and virtualisation solutions and sees itself as an integrator of systems and applications, always with an eye on current trends and cost-effectiveness.

The company emphasises the importance of cloud usage, with 50% of its customers already using cloud services. Dr. Netik & Partner GmbH is characterised by its commitment to outstanding service and support, ranging from consulting and planning to implementation, administration and maintenance. In addition, the company supports the efficient and cost-effective implementation of IT projects for sustainable growth with customised financing solutions

A comprehensive improvement!

"For a coffee" with Andreas Blohm and Frank Seefeld, Managing Directors of Dr Netik & Partner GmbH, report on the introduction of the holistic service management platform EcholoN for customer service and IT service management

Introduction to EcholoN

At Dr Netik & Partner, the introduction of EcholoN, an advanced service management solution, has led to a comprehensive improvement. Our goal was to replace a 15-year-old system that had significant shortcomings in the areas of internal and customer communication as well as in the service portal. The switch to EcholoN has revolutionised these areas by providing a platform for effective communication, an advanced ticketing system and a comprehensive service portal.

Expertise and experience

Andreas Blohm: "Our experience with EcholoN spans several areas, from internal IT infrastructure to application development. Personally, I have undertaken a number of tasks with EcholoN, including system administration, change request management, ticketing, quotation processing, reporting and customer analysis. These tasks demonstrate the versatility of EcholoN and how it helps to increase the efficiency and responsiveness of our team."

Improvements and benefits

The introduction of EcholoN has brought numerous benefits, including improved service quality, more efficient ticket management and greater customer engagement through the self-service portal. The ability for customers to enter their enquiries themselves has not only reduced the workload of our first-level support, but has also improved customer clarity and autonomy when using the self-service portal.

Increased efficiency

The centralised recording of tickets and the integration of email enquiries in EcholoN have enabled us to streamline our processes considerably. The introduction of a standardised platform for service management and service recording has optimised our workflows and increased efficiency.

Communication and collaboration

EcholoN has improved communication and collaboration within our team. Through regular service consultations based on EcholoN data, we have been able to increase internal efficiency and effectiveness. EcholoN's intelligent search and filter technology enables us to quickly identify and address relevant topics and tickets.

Future prospects

We see a promising future for the use of EcholoN at Dr Netik & Partner. The planned introduction of project and resource planning functions as well as the deepening of service level agreements and prioritisation mechanisms will further improve our service quality. EcholoN is a central component of our growth and efficiency improvement.


The introduction of EcholoN at Dr Netik & Partner is an example of our commitment to expertise, experience, authority and trustworthiness in the provision of IT services. The continuous improvement and customisation of EcholoN in collaboration with mIT solutions demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We are convinced that EcholoN will continue to support us in further optimising our service and processes in the future.