Service portal

The EcholoN Self Service Portal is a browser-based application that facilitates communication between users / customers, departments, partners, support teams and specialists. Task management and workflow are carried out via customizable standard processes.



Application roles

The application roles are used to decide which users / customers should have access to the portal with which modules. Depending on the application role, it is possible to set which modules are provided to which extent.

Ticket recording

The ticket entry is usually controlled automatically via so-called categories. The advantage is that the user is guided on the acquisition and the EcholoN Workflow Engine assigns the ticket to the correct group. When creating the ticket, attachments, e.g. Screenshots can be added directly.

Ticket processing

A configuration dialog can be used to set the objects and properties to be searched for. When displaying the results, records associated with the object are also displayed. For example. During contact, the corresponding tickets, SLAs and products are displayed directly.

Ticket final

By defining categories that are dependent on each other, EcholoN can already set all relevant parameters during ticket entry (e.g. priority, responsible group, schedule, SLA). Tag management is used to assign subject areas.

Rating System

The customer rating system serves as feedback control from the user side towards the service desk. The evaluation criteria are freely adjustable.

Message board / Message sticker

With the message board the support can post current information for the users. For each message board entry, a start and end date can be deposited. The message ticker provides up-to-date information.

Associative Knowledgebase and FAQs

In addition, access to the knowledgebase and the latest FAQs can be activated for selected users. Thus, the user has the opportunity to inform himself in advance and to find a possible solution to his request. The FAQs show the frequently asked questions and their answers. Each knowledgebase entry can be made available with any information structures.

Shopping cart

The ordering process can be displayed directly via the shopping cart function. If, for example, articles are subject to approval, the corresponding approval process is initiated. The approval process can be developed individually, depending on requirements and demands.

Free and individual portal modules

The EcholoN Service Portal also allows you to customize the module. In addition to the classic or other functions, enterprise modules can be implemented, for example, for project and task management, fleet management, applications, etc.

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Service Portal with Selfhelp

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Service Portal with Selfhelp

Fully integrated

Service Portal with Selfhelp

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