Change Management III

Accompany changes positively



Sandra Effenberger
Sandra Effenberger

Change management a human challenge?

Why is it a human challenge to introduce new processes or new software in the company? There are changes we are confronted with almost every day in today's world.

Changes in our working environment

We perceive changes sometimes more sometimes less, depending on how they affect our own everyday life. When changes come to us in our working environment, we are particularly sensitive. And it is a question of how long it takes us to accept these innovations. Here, the first phase is less about whether we see them as positive or negative.

An important starting point for us is:
People who are involved in a project and thus actively participate in and shape it have less of a challenge to live with the changes afterwards. People who have only heard about it in passing or receive information in meetings often have a harder time accepting the results. This individual process is an important part of talking about a successful integration of the process or the new software in the end.

Now you will think:
We already do a lot. We organise meetings or keep colleagues informed in newsletters.

So what can you contribute as a project team?

Let's have a look at the graphic!

Using an example, the process can be illustrated as follows. The software has gone live and the colleagues are now actively working with it. However, for some of them it is not as easy as they thought it would be at the beginning due to the training.


Change management - Perceived own competence
  • Shock and rejection 1

    Now I have to work with this software. It was much easier before. I don't want to!

  • Rational insight 2

    You know that your team can now work together even better because information is now available at any time. However, you find the workload too high.

  • Emotional acceptance 3

    You work with the software and contribute ideas for innovations. These are taken into account when possible. They talk openly in team meetings about the hurdles to understanding the innovations and realise that others feel the same way. The project team takes these feelings seriously. They slowly feel more comfortable.

  • Learning 4

    Gradually you notice that your way of working has acquired a positive structure that allows you to see at the end of the day what you have achieved.

  • Integration 5

    You can no longer imagine your work without using the software.

This process applies to all types of change. Whether in a professional environment or in private life. There is no change that takes place without phases of different feelings. Try to observe yourself as a person in the project team. How do you deal with changes that you cannot influence? Because with every change in a routine, no matter how small, this process takes place. The duration of the individual phases varies. It depends on how drastic you think the change will be in your life.

With motivation and fun through the first weeks after the introduction of productivity

One approach is to combine the introduction phase with a playful challenge, in combination with the method of collecting users' wishes and hints. Here, the team, the department or even the individual can be involved. Perhaps there is a trophy or an exciting excursion as a prize at the end.

Motivation game for the introduction of a Service Management Suite

Hold a competition that challenges every user. You can make it an individual and/or a group competition.
Number of participants: at least 2
At one point in your project, you have certainly discussed in the project team what goal you want to achieve with the introduction. For example, should every call, every enquiry be recorded or should the number of completed enquiries be increased?

EcholoN Blog Change Management Accompanying changes positively Motivation game
  • Who opens the first case?
  • Which team records the most processes?
  • Which team responds within the response time?

Give a time period that will be measured. Determine a weekly winner once a week.

Have fun and feel free to tell us about your experiences!